Thursday 24th Feb 2011

Final drawing!


Sky, watercolour pencil and texta on paper, A3.

… and that’s it, folks. No more drawings from me for a while.

I have a short story to finish, and then I’m into my next semester of Film Analysis and another Writing subject. Am very relieved to put the drawing course behind me. Three months of being a tortured artist was enough for me.

24 February 2011 ·

Friday 18th Feb 2011

I should rename this, “The intermittent blog”, but then someone’s probably already done that.

Here is another drawing or three. A triptych, even. Each piece is tiny - 10 x 8 cm. Ink and watercolour.

18 February 2011 ·

Monday 7th Feb 2011

Legs in ink, with charcoal background.

7 February 2011 ·

Sunday Feb 6th 2011

Vase, with toothbrush and paint

6 February 2011 ·

Monday 31st January 2011

We had to draw a small thing big. Here’s my peg.

31 January 2011 ·

Saturday 29th Jan 2011

Seeing Sufjan Stevens tonight, huzzah!

In honour of which, go listen to him here.

Meantime, another drawing. For this one we had to cover our paper in charcoal and then draw into it with erasers to create form, and lighten areas  to create tone. My drawing is of the view from my favourite spot to sit and contemplate the bush, down the fire trail I like to walk along every day, when I can.

Wish I could have more accurately depicted it - there are actually way more trees in the valley than appear in this drawing. In fact, it’s pretty much all trees.

29 January 2011 ·

Firday 28th Jan 2011

Another Drawing. Starting to run out of these, so I hope something interesting happens soon, or I’ll be back to blogging about toilets.

28 January 2011 ·

Architectural collage.
It is ironic that this is probably both the best and most frustrating drawing I’ve done.

Architectural collage.

It is ironic that this is probably both the best and most frustrating drawing I’ve done.

27 January 2011 ·

Tuesday 25th January 2011

Happy New Year etc.

Had a little break there, which I’m going to pretend was a holiday.

Actually, I moved back to Sydney, was overwhelmed with uni work and then came down with a terrible case of being addicted to computer games for a week. Too many times I saw the dawn and beyond whilst still sitting in front of my monitor. Terrible stuff. I’m sure I’ll have flashbacks when I’m sixty and develop a thirty centimetre stare (approx. distance between my eyes and the monitor, doncherknow).

Not sure how regular these updates will be, but for now I have a backlog of easy blog posts in the form of Drawings for Uni. So let’s start with this:

Scrunched paper in charcoal

25 January 2011 ·

Wednesday 22nd December 2010

Here’s my latest drawing:

It’s in ink on A1 paper.

I sketched everything in pencil first, then went over it with ink. I hated doing the pencil sketch - it was so painstaking getting all the angles and proportions right. I don’t know how many times I rubbed out that hand and re-drew it, but it was many, and it was frustrating.

When it came to doing the inking, I felt liberated as soon as I drew my first line. Something about the permanence of the ink, and thus the inability to rub it out and start again, made me feel so free to take liberties with the lines. Thus the wobbliness of the table legs, which I love.


22 December 2010 ·

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